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I Love her booty bands and workout videos. I've always had a challenge "feeling my glutes".. instead I always felt my quads -- but with Jess's step by step workout videos I've been able to connect with my glutes and notice the difference in my body. Thanks Jess.

Travel must have

I love being able to travel with this kit 💓 It’s so light to carry in a bag, so its easier to stay committed when life gets busy again. I also do the bands on zoom calls 💫 Great deal over all! Highly suggest

Great for lower ab workouts

I've had really stubborn belly fat, nothing crazy but my lower stomach was flabby. I wanted something I could use to target my abs and this ball worked great! I've definitely toned up and I'm super happy with the purchases I've made from jg pilates.

Serious booty gains!

I love supporting small female owned businesses. So when I was in need of a band for my at home workouts I decided to buy from Jessica. It works well and has been really effective! My butt looks super toned. Soo happy !

I lost inches off my waist!

I've always been hesitant about trying out meal plans especially trusting someone I saw from instagram. But I saw her page and decided to go on her site to see what she offered. I have several food allergies so I had to modify the meal plan a bit, but overall I found it to be super effective and over the past two months I went from a 27 inch waist to a 25!!

Really happy with this plan and would totally purchase from her again if she came out with something else.

Good customer service

The ball shipped promptly and I was updated on tracking information. There is great customer service and they are very encouraging to keep me wanting to workout!

Rounder, Tighter Butt! 😊

The fitness ball is awesome! After using it every night for about 2 weeks my butt and hips were tighter and noticeably rounder! Love it! 👍🙏💖

This product is awesome!

This ball is so fun and easy to use. It comes with a straw to blow the air to the desired size. The ball can be used for a number of work outs like lower abs, inner thighs, chest and more. It has helped me strengthen my core muscles. I love it! 👍🏼

Changed my view about cauliflower!

TIL that cauliflower could be used in sweet smoothies! The Chocolate Cauliflower Shake intrigued me and I just have to make it and now I'm making it my breakfast staple. The lunch and dinner recipes look interesting as well. Will give them a try xx

This product is awesome!

This meal plan saved me from the stress of thinking about what to cook for dinner. Really loved that it has the grocery list and the prep guides for me. The Pressure Cooker Cashew Chicken is A BANGER

Best booty bands

Very comfortable and stretchy booty bands!

Coaching WIN

One of the biggest challenges I face as a personal trainer is coaching engagement of the core. I love this pilates ball because it gives clients somewhere to focus and squeeze. It is perfect for addressing anterior pelvic tilt & strengthing the lower back area! It holds up to a LOT of use in my gym & I really appreciate the customer service offer and the speed of delivery :)

Perfect ball to help engage those lower abs!

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